About Us

Cyluxe.com is a store that was created for someone like you. Whether you are a one-time traveler, non-stop traveler, or anything in between, we've got everything that will make your travels more classy, comfortable and convenient. 

As avid travelers, we were always on the lookout for cool and affordable gadgets that can help fellow travelers.

Do you mess up your suitcase while looking for one little item you need? Are your chargers constantly tangled up somewhere in your carry? Does your neck hurt from the plane, car or train ride? Is the battery of your phone constantly dying at the most inopportune times, leaving you stranded in a foreign country with no Google Maps to show you the way? Chances are, that these happen to you all the time.

Travel woes no more! We've got you covered!

We sell innovative and top-quality products for all your travel needs. 

Plus, with our secure return policy, you can shop with ease and confidence. 


Happy Travels, 

The Cyluxe Team


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